A new year

Another year, and my blog is still surprisingly here.

2017 was a great year and I really felt like I really took a few steps forward. I began reading more than I ever have before. My diet was on point and I setup a great little home-gym and was maintaining a simple training regimen, which led to me losing almost 50lbs. My mornings were focused and filled with purposeful meditation, devotional time and journaling. I gave up a number of distractions, one of the big ones being Instagram…

Somehow in November, everything started to fall apart. Work was busy and I think I signed myself up for too much, and somehow Instagram found it’s way back into my life. The FOMO ( fear of missing out ) is real.

My morning routine has unraveled, it’s unfocused chaos. I often catch myself sleeping in until 6:30, wasting those precious morning hours before my wife and kid get up. I feel like I’ve become unorganized in every area of my life. I’m still committed to biking to work, though it’s made it difficult to make it home at lunch for my mid-day workouts. My nutrition plan is shot and I can feel that I’ve gained some weight.

I’m not worried though, spring is here and I can feel my motivation building again. The days are getting warmer, and I’ve already managed to log a few hours on my squat rack during lunch hours. It’s funny how the seasons of life can change.

This year, my focus is to put together a more manageable routine. Something that is attainable to achieve when next winter inevitably comes around. A nutrition plan that isn’t crazy, like Keto, but is something I can maintain as a lifestyle. A workout plan that’s focused on mobility that requires less equipment so I can do it from anywhere, anytime.